Our Babydoll Southdown Flock

Our flock currently consists of three off-white rams and one black ram. In addition we have five active breeding black ewes, and ten off-white ewes.

This small, but colorful flock allows us to breed off-white to off-white and black to black. The purpose for this is to enhance the qualities of each color resulting in black wool that stays black longer and ensuring more black lamsbs to offer for sale.  Off-white is the dominant gene and we have found that breeding a white ram to a black ewe often results in two white lambs.

Why Babydolls?

When searching for a breed that would be both fun to raise on what was then our "hobby farm", we came across Baydoll Southdowns in a magazine called "Acreage". Once we saw the "teddy bear" faces and their adorable smiles. we were hooked.

Origins of The Breed

The Southdown breed originated in England. When brought to the US, the breed was "bred up" to make a larger carcass for meat. This almost completely eliminated the original small sheep size.

The original breed standards were then placed on a breed conservancy list as endangered. Today, thanks to dedicated breeders, Babydoll Southdown sheep have the designation of a "recovering" breed.

The Future of Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Currently, the Babydoll Southdown breed has been upgrded to "recovering" status and is well on it's way to becoming a breed used in 4H and FFA clubs. 

As Babydoll sheep become more numerous, you can expect to see them gain poularity in show throughout the US and come to a rightful promenance at county and State Fairs.

They are ideal as show sheep for youg children due to their small size and calm nature.

Six Wags Over Texas sells registered Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, lambs, sheep breeding groups, adult sheep throughout the United States of America

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