Babydoll Southdown Sheep FAQs

  • This breed is known as "Easy Keepers". This means that Babydolls make the most of what they eat. They do well on both rich pasture as well as hay. 

  • Babydolls are good mothers under normal circumstances. This means very few, if any, bottle babies.

  • Babydoll Southdown sheep are also considered "easy lambers" requiring little help delivering and caring for their newborns.

  • Many Babydoll ewes have multiple births - twins and sometimes triplets - even quads!

  • Calm natured Babydolls often produce rams that are calm and easy to work with even when left intact as breeding animals.

  • Wethered rams (neutered males) make the best pets since the adult hormones never start to circulate in their systems. This helps them to stay "lamb-like"for life.

  • Rich wool requires that Babydoll sheep be sheared at a minimum of once a year, usually in Spring.

  • Sheep can't be sheared with dog clippers. They require large livestock clippers. However, professional shearers can be found. You can also check with your local Ag teachers, FFA and 4H programs for names of people willing to shear your sheep.

  • Although sheep are very easy, they do require work. Hooves need to be trimmed usually 3-4 times a year along with shearing. They also require yearly shots and de-worming as needed.

  • Contrary to what many think, ewes do not make the best pets. Because you do not neuter a ewe to avoid pregnancy like you would spay a female dog, as they grow, hormones enter their bloodstream. This can make them moody and exhibit "PMS" symptoms!

  • COPPER is toxic to sheep! When buying anything for them to eat, you must be certain there is no added copper. Many popular brands of grain labeled as "Sheep/Goat" mix actually contain far too much copper for sheep. Remember, sheep alsi can pickup copper from your soil.

  • Sheep must have at least one other sheep in order to be happy. Most breeders will not sell a single to a home without other sheep. The breed of other sheep doesn't matter,

  • Sheep are not goats. (Yes, someone recently asked me if sheep were a "kind" of goat.

  • Most sheep are not bathed unless you show them or use them for petting zoos or as a therapy animal. When you do need to wash them, Woolite works well to preserve their natural lanolin.

  • The first ever shearing of a lamb is the one and only time you will ever have pure "lambswool". This is why lambswool is coveted and often more expensive.

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