Spotted or Plain: They're still Harlequins

Harlequin lambs can be eiither wildly spotted or relatively plain. Even the more plain Harleys can breed wild spots.

This shot shows a well spotted ram lamb

Harlequin Ewes

Harlequin ewes are good mothers and lamb easily on the own. They seldom need in assistance. Ewes can breed off season meaning at almost any time of year!

Mary, our "plain" Harlequin ewe

This is a picture of our ewe Mary. While it's difficult to see, she does have brown and black spots near the bottom of her leags and on the skin on the inside of her ears.

Mary may not be flashy by Harlequin standards, but she has the most beautiful disposition.


Because of the ewe's ability to breed at almost anytime, careful consideration should be put into planning your breeding for the year. This means vigilance about when the ewes are pastured with a ram.

Lambing in the winter can be dangerous for the lamb and may require them staying inside longer than is ideal.

You can use small dog sweaters on the lambs as well as heat lamps at night. If using a heat lamp, be sure to use the red bulbs as white bulbs can injure their eyes.

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